5 Reasons why you should own the Moto 360 Smartwatch

With the introduction of Google’s Android Wear platform earlier this year, Motorola joined the party by announcing the Moto 360, one of the best smartwatches on the market. Some people just don’t see the benefits of Android wear yet because of the need to be perpetually connected to a smartphone. However, this new gadget is gaining rapidly in popularity and we reckon you are going to want the Moto 360 soon. Here are five good reasons why you should, and probably will consider buying one :

1. Sleek Design & Best Built quality

5 Reasons why you should own Moto 360 Smartwatch_Sleek Design & Best Built qualityThe Moto 360 utilises a round face, making it more closely resemble a traditional analog watch. The steel housing is sleek, simple, and classy. It’s somewhat heavier, but not to the point of being an annoyance. It is very comfortable, and you don’t actually feel that you are wearing a watch.

The Moto 360 comes with two possible wristbands, depending on which one you buy. One is a leather band, and the other with a metal band – although users can swap the default for another 22mm band. The default leather band comes in stone grey, black and brownish cognac colours currently, but we can expect them in more colours in the future. The leather feels more like a synthetic rubber – smooth, textured. After strapping it on several dozen times, the leather begins wrinkling.

The metal band is bit stronger and gives a professional look which seems a better bet for longevity. The metal band comes in a light stainless steel, a dark finish stainless steel and a gold band option. These bands can be changed by you or by a professional writ band swapper. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

2. Software Features

5 Reasons why you should own Moto 360 Smartwatch_Software FeaturesThe Moto 360 watch will need to be paired with your android device via Bluetooth to get the best out of it. You can pair with any Android mobile device which is an Android 4.3 or above. When you have paired your watch with the mobile device you only need to say “OK Google”.

Like all Android Wear devices, the centerpiece of the 360 is its access to Google Now. Activating Google Now just requires switching the screen on. Once activated, users can input the following voice commands:

  • Take a note
  • Remind me later
  • Show me my steps
  • Show me my heart rate
  • Send a text
  • Email
  • Agenda
  • Navigate
  • Set a timer
  • Start stopwatch
  • Set an alarm
  • Show alarms

And now most of the Android apps have Android wear interface, so you can control your mobile device as well as the apps from your smartwatch.

3. Adopt your watch to any mood with Customisable Watch Faces

5 Reasons why you should own Moto 360 Smartwatch_features_Adopt your watch to any mood with Customisable Watch FacesWatch faces in Android Wear leverage a dynamic digital canvas to tell time using colours, animations, and relevant contextual information. You can install different types of watch faces to illustrate different types of moods.

When you install Motorola Connect on your Android mobile device, you will get some awesome built-in watch faces. But if you want more, there are tons of custom round watch faces available which can be easily installed on your smartwatch. Trust me, there’s a design for everyone, no matter how moody you are.

4. You are a Gadget geek

5 Reasons why you should own Moto 360 Smartwatch_You are a Gadget geekWearable tech is far from being perfect right now, both from the hard and software perspective. However, if you care more about new and exciting technology, and looking for a smartwatch which is on the very edge of perfection, then the Moto 360 would be your option.

The best part of Moto 360 for me is that the person beside you will have no idea that you are even wearing the 1000AED smartwatch, until you get a call or a notification to your watch.

5. You receive tons of notifications

If you get hundreds of notifications on your Android phone every single day: emails, messages, social alerts, news, etc… and you can’t always be staring at your mobile every second. Moto 360 will notify your alert on the watch screen, and you can simply swipe right to ignore it or swipe left to check it then reply to your notification.

It is these features which I think makes the Moto 360 smartwatch one of the best on the market right now.

Inside Note

The Moto 360 was built with the TI OMAP 3 Processor, on Android Wear OS and it is IP67 certified so it’s water resistant but not waterproofed.


Texas Instruments OMAP 3 45nm manufacturing process

320 x 290, 205 pixels-per-inch semi-circular LCD screen

Wireless Qi Charging Dock

Heart rate sensor

300-310 mAh battery

Gorilla Glass 3