Album of the Week - Breakage – When the Night Comes

Album of the Week – Breakage – When the Night Comes

Breakage is one good lad called James Boyle. Nobody knows too much about him other than that really. He hates publicity apparently, and wasn’t too keen on the semi-overground success he had with his dub-step crossover (Number 34) UK smash hit from 2011, ‘Fighting Fire’. He supposedly went into hiding or something following that, but has now returned to the attention with his 2015 album, When the Night Comes.

It’s actually a million miles away sonically and production-wise from that 2011 song. That wasn’t for me, similar to the entire dubstep thing. It never really went anywhere, unless maybe you were on sad powder (come on lads, let it go yeah?). Dance music for Limp Bizkit fans in my humble opinion.

But I’m onto this album for sure. There’s a dark undertone to this which reminds me in places of aspects of early Massive Attack (Revelation feat. Liam Bailey), and driving round London at night really fast (Future feat. Madi Lane).

The album ain’t never gonna be crossover huge, but then that was probably always the plan anyway. Stick it on, drive through the city at night, and perhaps life and other things like that start becoming very clear. I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s not going to be like the first time you heard the Disclosure album, but there’s value in this, and it could’ve slipped under your radar when it came out on the 9th February.

So if it did, you’re welcome. It’s bass music in places, mixed with D&B and some laid back electro-dub, most tracks feature reverb-laden vox (which you know you like). Lyrically it’s not exactly reaching out on multiple levels, but production-wise and in terms of craft, you can’t say no. Enjoy.

Top Track: Future