Album of the Week – Kasabian – Kasabian

In anticipation of the Leicester quartet’s return to Dubai tomorrow night, we have been blasting through their eponymous debut this week. It’s nice to get a touch misty eyed and sentimental sometimes, but with this long player there ain’t no room for none of that.

At the time, one felt it was pretty much lifted from the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses & Primal Scream idiots guide to music production, but the stomping, aggressive and punchy standout tracks certainly pull it into its own bracket. It’s probably only those of a certain generation that have the clarity of mind to be able to remember 2004 (the year of its release), but from the feeling you get when the initial Asian- sounding wind instruments combined with ‘angel sound on a Casio keyboard’ precede the distorted bass line to Club Foot, you know you were probably up to no good when you were hearing it for the first time.

There will be none of that of course on Thursday night at Blended, but it promises to be one of the most anticipated performances in Dubai in 2015, from a band who have now been around for more than 10 years. Not many British bands can say that….