Album of the Week – Parsley Sound – Parsley Sounds

Parsley Sound – Parsley Sounds

When music is truly brilliant, it doesn’t require digital mastering, some coke-fuelled cigar-chomping producer to rearrange it, or anyone to even know about it really. But luckily for us, James Lavelle and his Mo Wax label DID know about Parsley Sound.

Their Parsley Sounds album was released to no fanfare whatsoever in 2003, and from the initial piano chords of opener ‘Ease Yourself & Glide’, you know you’re involved in something special.

The album as a whole is certainly a late-night listening affair, or for us at InsideDubai, a pleasant background for writing about stuff on a computer. The self-produced DIY feel to the album is offset to perfection against the heavy use of reverb in sections and the orchestral/synth aspects which really bolster the overall sound.

There is no doubt, the album is dark. But it has so much beauty to it. Much credit goes to this mysterious and limelight-avoiding duo for their creation, it really deserves more recognition than it has had, however one gets the impression that the anonymous pair are very likely involved in some other creative movement which takes care of their bank balances. Parsley Sound is probably a side project for a couple of guys we are all familiar with, although we will literally never know….

Top Track: Platonic Rate

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