Album of the Week - The Go Team

Album of the Week – The Go! Team – Thunder, Lightning, Strike

There’s a real trend with our Album of the Week, it’s that none of them are new, recent, or would ever be played within the fantastic array of musical riches so often fed to us by the two radio stations in existence here.

I’m not saying anyone needs to up their game at all, far from it in fact, I’m just not 13 anymore and I guess that the music they play on the radio isn’t targeted at me.

Although I do have another theory. It’s a good one: The reason we are so badly starved of new talent (not just in Dubai, in the world) is because there ain’t no money in it anymore. All the real talent put their skills to use in something to earn them a bit of cash. So as much as Spotify and YouTube (but not that Jay-Z thing) are great for the listener, in the end they will starve music of talent. Of that there can be no doubt.

That’s my theory anyway, not gonna bother to expand on that, if you need it explaining, you can’t have it.

So this week, we are listening to The Go! Team’s first album (although there’s little going on sonically to differentiate between any of their releases to be fair). Whether it’s sentimentality or what, the album evokes nice sunny spring days in Brighton (which is where they are from, obviously) and when you’re in the middle of a desert summer, thoughts of the seaside town are always pleasant.

The girl singers enjoy doing counting in most of the songs, with the occasional bit of singing, but it’s really the vibe of the album that makes it a must-listen.

Part live, part sampled, it’s just an all-round happy offering, and you’ll be surprised how many of the tracks you actually know without knowing that you know them, you know?!

Breakthrough single “Ladyflash” teams with positivity and sounds just as fresh as it did in 2004. Even “Get it Together” is alright, and I would usually question the sensibilities behind using a recorder in a song for serious. I guess if you stick a breakbeat in any piece of music (of course they’re from Brighton), you can get away with more than you usually would.

Anyway, stick it on in the background at work. Watch the office mood immediately improve. If you hate your colleagues and nothing will ever be able to change that, regardless of how many times the world “GO!” is chanted in each track, stick your headphones on and keep it all to yourself. And look for a new job.