Photographer | Blogger & Developer

Rimaz is the pulse of Inside Dubai. He brings the site to life while also contributing all photography, and a whole load of ideas. Rimaz has a real passion for technology and a history of creative blogging, but his favourite past time is capturing real moments in his photography. So if you see a guy creeping about with a long-lense somewhere across the city, he ain’t no paparazzi, it’s our very own Rimaz Sally. Rimaz also uses Android devices.


I used to be good.

The Gamer | Graphic Designer | Copy Writer

I am still good.


Jesse has written and edited for arts and culture magazines and newspapers for roughly twenty years… and we mean roughly. Just keeps getting rougher. But that’s what makes it taste so good. Whether from the back of a smoky rock bar, in line for free drinks at a gallery opening, or front row in a half-packed playhouse, he uses his intractably honest criticism to support the local arts community. How admirable.