Best Photo Spots inside Dubai – Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is undoubtedly one of the best places for Street & Portrait photography in the city. The Creek is always bustling and busy, particularly at the weekends, when expats from different countries flock to the area to enjoy boat trips, buy local merchandise and explore the other side of Dubai, which can so easily be forgotten amongst the huge modern development we continue to see grow at such a vast rate.

For a photographer who loves to take different types of photos, from classic architecture and a diverse range of cafes and restaurants, to busy boats full of multi-cultural splendour, Dubai Creek is the best place to spend the day and capture everything that’s happening around you.

I love to visit various parts of Dubai Creek and capture as much of the rich and colourful scenery as I can in a day.

Here is a collection of some of my Dubai Creek pictures:

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Best Photo Spots inside Dubai  - Dubai Creek-Heritage VilageAl Gubaiba Mreto Station Entrance : When you get off at Al Ghubaiba Metro Station, you will see so much classic architecture, it’s inspirational and amazing to see these kinds of classical style buildings still thriving in modern Dubai.Best Photo Spots inside Dubai  - Dubai Creek-FlagA Flag on a Boat : This picture was taken at Creek Park, where the UAE flag was proudly flying in the breeze….Best Photo Spots inside Dubai  - Dubai Creek-boats-1Diving Village : A picture taken near the Diving village in Dubai.Best Photo Spots inside Dubai  - Dubai Creek-flyDubai Creek : One of my favourite shots, taken at Dubai Creek.Best Photo Spots inside Dubai  - Dubai Creek-heritageClassic Buildings : This is an example how Dubai is preserving it’s history and traditional beauty.Best Photo Spots inside Dubai  - Dubai Creek-girlTraditional Beauty : This is a portrait capture of a shop dummy wearing the traditional dress.

Photo Slideshow :