Best Photography Spot inside Dubai – Deira Fish Market

Whether it’s summer or winter, if you’re a photographer you are spoilt for choice for great photography spots in Dubai. It’s November now, and the beauty of winter is that you can go to the places where you simply wouldn’t go in the middle of the hot, hot summer.

One example is Deira Fish Market in Dubai. The place is full of amazing compositions and natural models with real makeups presented to you for the capture of some great pics.

If you’re a passionate photographer who can wake up early morning (which is around 5am!!) and you own a car (or you have a good friend who owns a car and will also get up at 5am) then the following walk is something not to be missed. Failing the car option, just jump in a taxi and get yourself down to this #PhotoWalk and I guarantee that you’re going to be amazed.

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Deira Fish Market and Vegetable Market

It’s a well-known photowalk spot with all the photography groups here in the UAE, and the workers are used to those people carrying a camera and pointing it at them here and there, they actually love to pose for photos, and they even will ask you to share your photos with them. So you are safe to walk through.Best Photography Spot inside Dubai – Deira Fish Market (10)

Best Time to Shoot

Morning would be the best time to shoot, as you will see the offloading of all the fish they’ve caught out at sea, although it can be a bit of a mad rush at times in the morning.

How to reach

Deira Fish Market is a well known place, so it won’t be too difficult to get there by a taxi, or you can take the Metro if you are planning to go in the evening, the Palm Deira Metro station is very close by.


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