Inside Dubai talks you through some of the very best travel gadgets in Dubai. Things that you need to make that metro journey all the more bearable.BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless In-Ear Headphones_featured

BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Travelling or going to the gym is always more fun when you listen to the music you love in a nice set of headphones. Obviously not when you have company, as that’s frankly just rude. But sometimes if you travel or go jogging alone then you’re going to need a musical partner to cut the boredom. So you need a good set of headphones. But most headphones on the market either don’t fully fit in your ears and fall off, some are not waterproof, others just sound like the music is being played out of a couple of tins.

I was looking for a set of reliable, simple but effective headphones. I literally went to all the electronic shops asking for some that are wireless and cost effective. Finally I found these at Virgin Megastore. The BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless In-Ear Headphones are great. They’re sweatproof, with HD audio and they work wirelessly for over 6 hours.

The BlueAnt Pump Mini is an in-ear headphone designed for athletic activities. It features an avant-garde design that befits its sports brand. The colour and design aesthetics all add up to give it a rugged and handsome appeal.

BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless In-Ear Headphones_cam

BlueAnt Pump Mini Bluetooth Headphones key features:

  • HD Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • ComfortSeal tips
  • SuperFit system
  • IP54 sweatproof
  • Simple one touch controls
  • Siri / Google Now integration
  • Over 6 hours of battery life

Retail Price: 279 AED

Found at: Virgin Megastore (Deira City Centre)

Rating: 8/10


The BlueAnt Pump Mini is a good option for those who enjoy listening to music while hitting the gym or the track. It looks good, and is sweat and dust proof, and water resistant. It is very comfortable to wear, it’s very light, and it sounds good.TecPower Slimmest Power Bank_featured

TecPower Slimmest Power Bank

There is no such thing as too much charge when it comes to your smartphones and tablets. Smartphone batteries last for about a day in these modern times, or sometimes just hours if you’re far too into it. We all need a power bank or a portable external battery charger. But most of the power banks are huge, slightly fat and hard to carry. You need an extra pocket or a carrying bag just for the power bank, but not with the TecPower Powerbank which we recently found in Virgin Megastore.TecPower Slimmest Power Bank_featured

TecPower Mini 600mAh Powerbank Key Features:

  • Lightweight and eye-catching design with leather cover
  • Can charge a smartphone 2-3 times (6000mAh)
  • Convenient battery level indication
  • MicroUSB, with iPhone Connector
  • Can charge 2 devices simultaneously

Retail Price: 199 AED

Found at: Virgin Megastore

Rating: 7/10


TecPower Mini is a great choice for smart travellers and on-the-go internet users. Carry less, enjoy travelling more.Jawbone Up2_cam

Jawbone Up2

Wearable tech is happening. As always we’ve been a bit slow on the uptake in the UAE, but in five years we will all be wearing an item of technology [WIoT]– mark my words. Be ahead of the game with this fitness tracker, which looks like a smart bracelet. It’s stylish and cool, yet it also generates fitness insights so you can monitor your activity. Are you walking enough? The Jawbone Up2 will let you know if you’re not!Jawbone Up2

Jawbone Up2 features:

  • Tracks steps, quality of sleep, exercise, calories burned
  • Provides motivation to move more, sleep better and improve fitness
  • Smart Alarm™ wakes you at optimal time in sleep cycle
  • Alerts to get you moving when you’ve been sitting for too long
  • Slim compact design for 24/7 wearability with up to10 days battery life
  • Wirelessly syncs with compatible Apple and Android devices

Retail price: 479 AED

Found at: Virgin Megastore

Rating: 8/10


What’s not to like? These come in loads of different styles and it could help you get more healthy. Sounds good to me.Retrak Selfie Bluetooth Selfie Stick_Featured

Retrak Selfie Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Obviously it’s totally embarrassing to be associated with a selfie stick, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to have stopped anybody going in on it. So if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Embrace the sadness and get yourself out there with a stick. Capture yourself walking around, capture yourself drinking a drink, capture yourself ordering and eating some food, capture yourself around by a swimming pool, capture yourself near to a beach. And when you’ve done all that capturing, post the photos all over social media. It’s really fun.Retrak Selfie Bluetooth Selfie Stick_cam

Retrak Selfie Bluetooth Stick features:

  • Is a stick
  • Has an area where you put your phone
  • Has a button that tells phone when to take a selfie
  • Makes you look like you have really long arms if you manage to not get the stick in the picture

Retail price: 199 AED

Found at: Virgin Megastore

Rating: 7/10


If you enjoy the art of taking pictures of yourself, you should probably invest in one of these.