BOCA DIFC Launches Brand New Menu

BOCA DIFC Launches Brand New Menu

Boca, one of the delights of DIFC, has launched a new menu which has been billed as something of a culinary revolution. The Mediterranean restaurant/bar is bang in the middle of the financial centre, kind of near to a few of the galleries, in Gate Building 6.

When you’ve been looking at all those pictures and Arab calligraphy, it sure does make you hungry, so there are far worse ideas than getting yourself into BOCA for a sampling of their rejuvenated sharing concept menu. I don’t share food, because I have nobody to share it with, but break the rules and eat alone – there’s no one to tell you no…

Let’s discuss the new BOCA menu…

BOCA’s new menu has kept hold of all the old favourites, but has also added some new and exciting dishes, freshly prepared (obviously) and created with all the passion and splendour that one might expect from a Mediterranean restaurant actually based in the Mediterranean.


BOCA DIFC Launches Brand New Menu

The first section in the new menu is the Deli section. This is my favourite section in a supermarket, and is also a good section in this menu. It contains freshly prepared dishes straight from BOCA’s oven and tapas bar, with the addition of four new classic mouthwatering Pizzettas. The classic Asparagus and Egg Pizetta with pesto, spinach and Italian parmesan, is really quite something to behold – in your mouth.


BOCA DIFC Launches Brand New Menu

The newly introduced Raw section offers carpaccios, crudos and tartars. I don’t know what any of these words mean, and it really doesn’t matter. Because when the waiter places dishes such as Seared Tuna and Beef + Beef Tartare and the Hand-Dived Scallop Carpaccio in front of you and you taste them, you don’t need words anyway. There are no words.


BOCA DIFC Launches Brand New Menu

Onto the Market section, which contains dishes made with seasonal, local, sustainable ingredients, sourced daily, including Pan-Fried Black Pomfet, from Deira fish market, served with a parsley root puree and wild mushrooms.

Fresh Tagliatelle with zucchini, basil and Parmigiano Reggiano and the Lobster Ravioli are both equally delightful dishes which are bursting with colour and flavour.



Originals includes all signature BOCA dishes including the Lobster Roll, the famous Black Rice & Seared Scallops, Grilled Octopus and the wonderfully succulent 12-hour Braised Lamb – my fave.



Grande is the all-new section featuring larger sharing dishes for the first time.

Seafood Paella with arroz bomba, mixed seafood, shellfish and saffron is the main attraction here, particularly as they are giving away a complimentary jug of Sangria with every order of it up until the 28th of February. The Cotoletta Ala Milanese is a nice chunk of veal cut with slow roasted tomatoes, gremolata, rocket leaves and Grana Padano, and this was for me irresistible. Even though I’d already eaten more than my weekly allocation of cuisine, space was made.


BOCA DIFC Launches Brand New Menu

Finale is, as you might well imagine, the desert menu. This has also been given a delicious revamp, and now includes Peanut Butter Parfait, Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie and the BOCA dessert platter. I didn’t go in for dessert myself – I’m really not a sweet person, as many will testify to. Plus I was knocked out by then.

To Summarise

It’s widely acknowledged that when it comes to fresh, delicious, hearty and memorable food, those based in the Mediterranean kind of just do it so much better. So as you can imagine, BOCA nails the food aspect quite unequivocally.

But also a mention should be given to the atmosphere, the presentation of the place and the knowledgeable and friendly staff. The terrace is quite beautiful, and now is the time to appreciate that – because no matter how much we may all be enjoying the weather right now, it’s not going to last much longer.

I’m loca about BOCA. Does that work? (No – editor) OK so I’ll just shut up having said one last thing: Whether you’re a stockbroker or a bit of a joker, I’d recommend BOCA – it’s anything but mediocre. (You’re fired – editor)

BOCA, located in Gate Building 6, DIFC is open all week.

Saturday to Friday:  12pm – 1am