You should go see Daedelus. You may not like DJs (I don’t!) and though he is often referred to as one, he is not.  Or rather, he is more than a DJ.  He is more accurately referred to as a producer. But not in the same way P-Diddy is. None of that radio-friendly bubble-gum audio posturing.

Casa Latina

Daedelus (on Brainfeeder records) plays with the idea of electronic music by crafting sets of diverse aural elements feeding into and out of each other.  A 30-40 minute set runs gapless, with the entire song structure changing every 30-40 seconds. Worth checking out his upcoming show, this Thursday night, at Casa Latina (yes, I know it is sickeningly smoke-filled and sweaty-pits hot in there, but just bear it, his show should be worth the smell).