Because You Deserve Better: Deep Crates Cartel, Friday 22nd May 2015

Because you deserve better, each week (or whenever we find a good one) Inside Dubai brings you into the loop regarding an event you really shouldn’t miss. This week, try Deep Crates Cartel at Kings Club, Al Barsha. This club is more in the Armada than Sir Francis Drake (no? OK. It’s just inside the hotel in Al Barsha that’s called Armada).

Featuring the kind of music that everyone needs in their life occasionally; Dub, Reggae, Bass, Roots & Digital is what it’s billed as. But if you think that Reggae means Sean Paul (time hasn’t been kind to his music, although it was only released like two years ago), or that amusing Sean Kingston guy with vocoders, it’s probably not the right night for you.

Because You Deserve Better - Deep Crates Cartel

Dubai is hardly what you’d call gritty, but this night promises to transport attendees into some dark Brixton nightspot for one night only, with Tippa Irie, the mighty Horseman and pioneering producer Prince Fatty on the bill. Check out this number by The Skints below to get a flavour for the kind of stuff that’s gonna be occurring.

Inside Info:

It’s basically like a night-time brunch, but without the shit food, and the shit music. Here’s how it works:

Entrance is 250AED, but you get FREE drinks all night thereafter. The organisers are keen to stress that this DOES include Jagerbombs.

Just in case you’re finding it difficult to ascertain the true value of such a proposal, the other day I woke up next to a card receipt for 310AED from Rock Bottom for four drinks.

If you’re just not that into drinking you can get entry for 85AED and get your glasses of pop all nice and free too.

Night also features DJ’s: