Dubai Crime Free Its Getting Harder To Manage

Dubai Crime Free? It’s Getting Harder To Manage

Over the last few months, domestic burglars have been running riot in Dubai’s communities, targeting the rich, or at least those slightly better off than themselves. But this ain’t no Robin Hood movement, this is a self-serving project that is ruining the lives of families who came here to escape the type of serious crime that is so predominant in the countries they left behind.

Of course as more people come to live in Dubai, more criminals will be among their numbers, attracted by the apparent easy targets that residents not used to having to think about thieves represent.

It’s not as though criminal activity has always been absent from Dubai, look back to 2010 when a Serbian gang pulled off an audacious heist at Wafi Mall, getting away with $9 million worth of jewels. Also in 2013, a gang of three made off with a few million Dirhams from a daring ATM heist as it was restocked, but when it comes to petty theft and domestic burglary, incidents have always been few and far between.

Now however, a spate of burglaries in Arabian Ranches has sparked fears that the days when we all used to be able to leave our front doors open like 1930’s Britain are all but gone.

No Epidemic

Arabian Ranches is a gated community, although there are minimal surveillance facilities, and only one security guard at the gates. But due to five reported break-ins in the last four weeks, talks are underway about increasing CCTV presence in the community. Other similar areas are expected to follow suit.

In 2014, Dubai Police had reports of 331 burglaries in the city (population of 2.1 million). So when you compare that to the 56,220 recorded in London (population of 8.3 million) during the same period, it’s not exactly time to start setting up booby traps in your villa or apartment.

In London, for every 148 people there is one burglary, while in Dubai there’s one burglary every 6,344 residents, so it’s hardly an epidemic. But let us all start being extra-vigilant and preserve one of the best aspects of this fine city, its safety.

Say no to crime.