Dubai Mens' swimwear

Dubai men’s swimwear that’s gonna be on everyone’s Christmas list

New Brand for Dubai

One of the most highly anticipated new fashion brands in the UAE, Lamuel, has issued its first collection of Dubai men’s swimwear. The collection, called ‘Dawn’, features five mid-length luxury pieces, with a number of unique features set to take Dubai’s beach clubs by storm this winter.

Available in five pieces, named Lolite, Silica, Sphene, Star Moonstone and Star Sapphire, the shorts also include a number of bespoke, unique touches that bring an individuality to Lamuel’s swimwear quite unlike any other brand in the market.

Dubai Mens' swimwear

Each pair of shorts are tailored from a polyester/cotton mix, featuring two slanted side pockets; an elasticated waistband with drawstring to fit; a silver/gold zip on the back pocket; finished beautifully with silver or gold Lamuel-engraved toggles with a Lamuel logo stitched into the rear of the waist band.

Inspired Dubai Men’s Swimwear

Dubai Mens' swimwear

Speaking about the launch of his first collection, designer and creative director, Louis Aldridge, said: “The first collection is inspired in part by a need we identified for new, fitted men’s shorts that are as refined as they are timeless.

“The brand name itself was chosen as a nod to Lemuel Gulliver, the fictional protagonist from the well-known novel by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels. We see Lamuel as being a brand not bound by any link to a certain destination or time, rather an endless fascination with exploration.”

Our Review

We took our Lamuels down to one of Dubai’s favourite beach clubs, and it must be said, the looks we were getting were even more extraordinary than usual. In a good way obvs. I’ve seen a lot of shorts in Dubai, mainly ill-fitting ones, but what Lamuel have done is understand that nobody wants baggy, saggy shorts anymore. It ain’t 1993. These are fitted, stylish and pretty much as cool as you’ll find out here.

These ones are our favourites:

Dubai Mens' swimwear
Sphene – by Lamuel

Having gone to market, the new collection is available exclusively on the new Lamuel website, which can be found at

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The five different variations are all priced at £135.