Dubai Residents - Air-Conditioning Issues Are Not Cool

Dubai Residents – Air-Conditioning Issues Are Not Cool

In Dubai the heat is always on, but for 8 out of 10 Dubai residents, the A/C has failed at some point in the first six months of this year. That’s according to a survey posted by, which explains that the issue of air-conditioning malfunction and maintenance is the biggest issue for tenants in Dubai.

Fridge Sitting

The discomfort associated with no A/C does not need to be explained. You can’t sleep, you can’t cope. You can sit in the fridge, or if you have a fan you can put ice cubes in a tray under it and aim it at your face, but you need to restock the cubes every three minutes and 43 seconds so it becomes boring.

The issues don’t just lie in the unreliability of the largely antiquated A/C units most find themselves with, there have also been incidents of the smell of sewage being thrust through the ducts, noisy units, water leaks, and complete buildings have been shut down due to local construction work which so often blows apart underground water/sewage pipes.

Hot Wind

The survey also reveals that 70% of those living in villas in Dubai have complaints about the adequacy of their A/C units regardless of whether they are operating at full capacity, while the number drops to 50% for the tower people.

One other aspect to be aware of is to remember to pay your bill, or ask your landlord to pay on time if you are lucky enough to have that written into your tenancy contract. If you forget, you’ll be quite hot actually, as the usual stream of semi-cool air makes way for the relentless funnelling in of hot, steaming wind direct from the streets by way of punishment.