Feature: Wassim – Hairstylist to Dubai’s most glamorous women

Feature: Wassim – Hairstylist to Dubai’s most glamorous women

“I love Dubai and I love the cosmopolitan nature of the clients I have. Everyday is so different, and each of my clients are so unique and individual, I really couldn’t have a better job,” Wassim tells us as we begin our interview.

Here at Inside Dubai, we’ve always been interested in people that do things well. Whether that’s within art, music or being a hairstylist to the stars, we’re basically into it.

Feature: Wassim – Hairstylist to Dubai’s most glamorous women

And so when one of our sources said we really should go down and check out legendary Dubai hairdresser, Wassim (yes, he only has one name, that’s how exclusive he is), we couldn’t really say no could we?

Wassim is a leading Lebanese Hairstylist in Dubai, and he’s been here for 16 years. He doesn’t work for some chain hair salon, he’s a brand all of his own, and wherever he goes, whichever salon he operates out of, his clients follow him. And it’s easy to see why.

“I think what differentiates me from many of the other hairstylists around is that if a girl comes to me with a style that I don’t think would work for her, I tell her and we look at other styles instead. My consultation process is based on many years of experience, and I think I just know what works based on the hair type, facial shape, and even the personality of the client,” he tells us. Who knew hairdressing was so in-depth?

Feature: Wassim – Hairstylist to Dubai’s most glamorous women

Wassim currently styles hair in the salon at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, and while bookings are very exclusive and quite hard to come by (he really is that good), time it just about right (and mention you heard about him on Inside Dubai), and he might be able to squeeze you in.

From consultation, to cut and blow dry, colouring and styling, Wassim is the man they all seem to go to. Why? Well for one he continually trains with Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy in London, invited over annually to take part in the latest seminars, where he learns and networks with the very best in the world. If there’s a new trend you’ve seen in Cosmo, or if you want to go for a complete change, Wassim is the man. But there are other reasons for his popularity too, as he continues:

“I think another aspect to it is that my clients can trust me. You know women love to confide in and talk with their stylist during the session, and with me I think they know they have a guy they can trust, who is discrete, and a good listener!”

Feature: Wassim – Hairstylist to Dubai’s most glamorous women

When we were tipped off about Wassim, we heard he was the stylist to the stars, and when we questioned him on this, he gave nothing away. So as a confidant, he’s got that whole discrete thing going on quite well we’d say, which isn’t always the case with Dubai’s hairstylists.

So what’s popular at the moment? What styles are the ladies of Dubai going for?

“Right now a lot of women I see are keen on adventurous colour, and in particular white and silver. It all depends on their job and how daring they are of course, but it really works for certain people. I’m also seeing a big shift towards shorter styles here too.”

Feature: Wassim – Hairstylist to Dubai’s most glamorous women

Wassim’s top 5 haircare tips in Dubai

In our last question for Wassim, we asked him for some top tips for haircare in Dubai, and we thought we’d share his insights with you too. Because let’s face it, everyone’s hair suffers in the heat, humidity, sun, sand and water (or whatever you’d call that stuff that comes out of the shower here)…

1. Get a filter

“We all know the water over here is not great. It tends to dry the hair out, and makes colour fade quite quickly. First thing to do is to get a filter on your shower. It does make a difference.”

2. Use sulphate-free shampoo

“Things like ammonia and paraffin, they have no business being in shampoo. Always check the label, and know that some companies just use sulphates to basically fill the bottle. It can cause your hair to fall out, and mainly just makes it frizzy and unmanageable. I have many sulphate-free shampoos in the salon.”

3. Use ampoules in the scalp

“So many of my clients still don’t know about the true benefits of ampoules before they come to me. But I have a full range of ampoules, and by applying them and massaging into the scalp you see the health of your hair instantaneously improve.”

4. Wear hats in summer

“Good hair in Dubai is mainly for the night time. During the day you need to protect it, and frankly there’s no better way than by wearing a hat or an abaya when the sun is so strong.”

5. Eat well

“It sounds obvious, but if you really want great looking, healthy and shiny hair, the diet plays a huge part. We have so many fish restaurants that are amazing in Dubai, you need to get into fish. The oils within fish do wonders for the hair.”

Good advice, sound advice. And on that note we let Wassim continue doing what he loves and what he does best: bringing amazing style and wonderful service to the glamorous women of Dubai.

Feature: Wassim – Hairstylist to Dubai’s most glamorous women

Wassim styles between the hours of 10am and 8pm.

Price List:

Cut and Blow Dry: Dhs280

Blow Dry Only: From Dhs130

Haircut Only: From Dhs180

Colouring: From Dhs450

Root Colour Only: Dhs275

To contact Wassim:

m:        +971 50 521 1288

t:          +971 4 399 4141

Facebook: Wassim Hairstylist

Instagram: Wassim Hairstylist