As Ramadan draws to a close this weekend and Eid begins, we can look forward to quite the assortment of festivities across the three-day holiday period in Dubai.

Eid in Dubai, Celebrate Good Times!

As Ramadan draws to a close this weekend and Eid begins, we can look forward to quite the assortment of festivities across the three-day holiday period in Dubai.

The return of music to Dubai will be marked by a variety of (apparently) well-known Arab musicians playing at The World Trade Centre, while at the beach opposite JBR, loads of fireworks will be let off three nights on the trot so you can point at them and hear them and take videos and pictures of them.

We’re not sure if the firework display will somehow be formulated in such a manner so as to attempt to trouble the Guinness Book of Records, but you never know.

Eid in Dubai hasn’t been confirmed in terms of date yet, but the best laid guess would be that it will begin on Friday 17th July, so watch out for the fireworks from 8.30pm each day after that.

The theme of Eid Al Fitr this time around is “United in Celebration” which sure sounds like a lot of fun, but will it be? Let’s take a look at what events you can choose to go to if you really want to:

RABEH SAQR- Eid in Dubai

19th July  – Dubai World Trade Centre – 8pm

Rabeh Saqr & Balqees

Rabeh Saqr is from Saudi Arabia, and Balqees is from Yemen. They are both singers.

Tickets Cost: 200AED – 2,500AED

20th July  – Dubai World Trade Centre – 8pm

Ahlam & Majid Al Muhandis

Majid Al Muhandis is described to us as an Iraqi crooner, but if you go there expecting anything remotely like Sinatra, well, just don’t. Ahlam is the pride of the UAE, and having listened to a bit just now, I would say that if you’ve ever seen the guy playing keyboards at Bab Al Shams, it’s like him, but with a girl singing.

Tickets Cost: 200AED – 2,500AED

23rd July – Dubai World Trade Centre – 8pm

Diana Haddad, Nawal Al Kuawaiti & Abdullah Al Rowaished

Three more greats all on the same stage within a single day. It just keeps getting better.

Tickets Cost: 200AED – 2,500AED


24th July  – Dubai World Trade Centre – 8pm

Kathem Al Saher & Hussain Al Jasmi

Kathem Al Saher is Iraqi (who knew Iraq was such a hotbed of musical talent?) and the UAE’s very own Hussain Al Jasmi. We’re not really sure why, but no kids under five are allowed to this one.

Tickets Cost: 200AED – 2500 on

17th July – 19th July (TBC) – The Beach, Opposite JBR – 8.30pm

Men set fire to fuses leading to gunpowder, which then explodes after flying really high into the air. Yes, that’s right, they are fireworks.

Tickets Cost: FREE

Modhesh World – 10th July to 29th August – Dubai World Trade Centre

That weird little yellow thing dotted about on signs along the Sheikh Zayed Road is called Modhesh, and he is the mascot of Dubai or something.

Modhesh World is an indoor kind of theme park, with fun and attractions for all the family. The biggest attraction of them all? No, not the yellow character constantly smiling at you from every conceivable angle, but the fact that it’s indoors.

There’s also a whole load of promotions, ballets, circus-type performances and general goodwill being spread across each of the UAE’s malls. But if you’re not a fan of human stampedes, it may be an idea to skip the Malls for a bit. Dubai expects an estimated 1.5 million people to turn up here over Eid from Saudi Arabia alone for the weekend, but quite where these figures are plucked from, we will literally never know.

Eid Mubarak and all that!