Fashion Forward Dubai Designers Announced

Dubai and fashion have what can at best be described as an uneasy relationship. The images of grown men wearing vests and pink shorts for serious, while holding a pint of Carling, complemented by a reverse snap back at a jaunty angle is an image that will be forever seared into the mind’s eye of anyone who has been anywhere near a beach bar in Dubai. It’s a look which is not particularly strong.

Meanwhile the number of women who think it’s ok to look like someone out of that program off MTV where they all have sex with their exes on some beach and then get papped outside a club in Kent by a freelance photographer for use as filler in the Daily Mail, is increasing rather worryingly.

But, luckily for those with a sense of style, taste, individuality and other traits associated with looking good, the announcement of the 33 designer labels set to grace the catwalk at Fashion Forward Dubai Season Six should offer a reason for hope.

Fashion Forward Dubai Season Six

This is the sixth season of the Dubai show, which has actually gained quite a glittering reputation among global fashionistas. Maybe it’s just because it’s an excuse to stay in the Al Qasr, get a sun tan, and pop down to the Madinat to take in a few quirky collections, but more likely it’s because it has emerged to showcase some fashion’s elite nu-breed.

The FFWD Labels

So here’s a rundown of the labels that will show between 22nd and 25th October 2015 at Dubai Fashion Forward. Excited darlings?

For more information on FFWD Season Six, go to the official website. But just as a reminder here’s what you need to know:

Date: 22nd to 24th October

Location: Madinat Jumeirah

Date: 25th October

Location: D3 (Media and buyers)