FIFA 16 Has Women’s Teams-game

FIFA 16 Has Women’s Teams

The new trailer for FIFA 16, due to be released towards the end of October, has been released by EA Sports that features the new stars of the game – the ladies.

“We’re in the game”

Looking quite pleased to have finally made it onto the 64 bit screen, many of the stars of women’s football announce to the FIFA fraternity that: “We’re in the game.”

Now, the FIFA enthusiasts across the word are quite an enthusiastic bunch. Many forums with thousands of members already exist for players to go and slag off EA and talk about ways to improve the game for the next annual release, it’s not known how many suggestions were received stating that women’s international teams should be added.

As you can imagine, the trailer (see below) has caused quite a stir among those who have seen it. Many of the comments exhibit just how far some still have to come in relation to the idea of women in football, women in 2015, and women across the board.

Personally, I say women should be included. Who even cares? They probably have more right than some of the sad act leagues included across the world that nobody pays any attention to, in the game or in real life. It is perhaps a touch bizarre that every clip of the ladies playing on the game is in front of a huge, full capacity stadium – something I’ve never seen when watching women’s football, but what’s game development without a little creative licence, yeah?

Here are some of the views expressed under the YouTube trailer on the idea of FIFA 2016 including women:

“You know if you double tap x and then triangle it makes them go into the kitchen…”

“12,000 dislikes, keep feeding the feminists guys. One of the worst gaming communities. Showing immaturity over something that’s more of a statement than a feature.”

“Someone spilled a soccer field all over that kitchen.”

“FIFA is dead to me!”

“There would be no gameplay at all. Cuz (sic) the characters will yell at us that they have the equal rights to move themselves and don’t want these disgusting men controlling them.”

“So glad this is finally happening. Took long enough.”

This is just a very small example of the 12,000+ comments on the addition of only 12 female teams to the game. Nothing thus far in the gameplay or look of FIFA 16 appears to really have changed from the previous version, apart from a dozen new teams. It is, after all, only June right now. As more trailers and announcements are released featuring gameplay advancements, Inside Dubai will keep any gaming fans in the loop as and when it happens.