Guvera Shows Us All What Music We Liked In 2015

Guvera is an online music streaming service expanding rapidly. Available at this time in 20 countries, and with 26 million pieces of music on their service, people are starting to take notice. Now they have compiled a list of what those of us who use their service were listening to most during last year. Inside Dubai investigates…

Music’s a fun thing to do isn’t it? We like to listen to it, then talk about it, then write about it, then hate other people for liking other styles of it. Some of us even perform it, although I don’t really see the point in that last one.

Where music will always come in handy is on the Metro. Get those headphones in and you can get away with so much that you wouldn’t normally be able to. Like blocking people from getting past by standing on the right hand side of the escalator, sitting in the pregnant or old woman seats, and turning it up really loud so everyone else can hear. The great thing is you can’t hear them shouting at you because it’s too loud.

We love it so much

The UAE sure does have a love affair with music. And, unlike in most countries whereby there is more or less around five or six genres that retain popularity, it’s about as eclectic as it comes over here. Western dance, Afrikanaa, salsa, traditional Arab showstoppers, Bollywood tunes, that style they call pop music, country, love songs, reggae, R&B, local acts, Filipino karaoke – whatever you want you can find it here. The same can also be said for Guevera (although we are yet to find any Filipino karaoke which is a touch disappointing).

So what were we all listening to in the UAE during 2015? Such a great deal of hits, that’s what. Here’s the stats, because we all love stats:

Top Artists and/or Bands

1.         Jessie J

2.         Drake

3.         Fifth Harmony

4.         Selena Gomez

5.         Meghan Trainor

6.         Rihanna

7.         Big Sean

8.         Ellie Goulding

Top Tracks

1.         Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor

2.         Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding

3.         Here – Alessia Cara

4.         Fight song – Rachel Platten

5.         Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King

6.         Flashlight – Jessie J

Top Streamed Playlists

1.         New Releases

2.         Chart Toppers

3.         Most Played

4.         New Release Female

5.         Love Song Dedications

6.         RnB

Most Popular #Tags

1.         Pop

2.         Hits

3.         Fun

4.         Happy

5.         Dance

6.         Love

7.         Relax

8.         Party

9.         Catchy

10.       Popular

Guvera - Infographic

So there you go. Jessie J is bigger than Drake in Dubai, and pop is our favourite style of music. Who knew? Cerainly not me. I never even listened to any music before I was 25, and I don’t know who The Beatles or any of these artists are, except Fifth Harmony who are frankly just the greatest pop vocal harmony group that EVER EXISTED!

But now that Guvera has so many quite spectacular songs available at the touch of a button, I think it might be time for me to embrace music and all it has to offer.

You can download Guvera using the App store or Google Play if you hate Apple. Get yourself some headphones and enjoy! Or don’t get any headphones and just play it out of the speaker on your phone, nobody will mind, especially if it’s Jessie J.

Visit to learn about their streaming service and sign up. It’s FREE!