How not to put on an event in Dubai

The world’s biggest ever city slide in Dubai went tits up…

Although it never really appealed to me, and the idea of humans spending 170AED a pop to slide down a piece of soapy plastic in Motor City sounding like someone was taking the piss, it was a shame to hear that the whole thing had to be abandoned due to the organisers not having a clue what was going on.

Apparently there wasn’t enough water pressure for the slide to work on Friday, and hundreds of kids and families turned up not having seen the minor announcement posted on social media.


Some still had a pop at flying down there but the friction proved too much and they ended up getting injured. They also had to walk one kilometre for the privilege, and there were also reports of litter and fag butts just being chucked on the slide. It sounds like filth to me. But then it can’t really come as much of a surprise.

As is so often the case in Dubai, you tend to get a bunch of guys coming over seeing $$ signs in their eyes, then shooting off and never coming back having delivered something which will live long in the memory for being one of the biggest farces of all time, rather than a good experience.

Just Bad Luck Probably

That’s probably not the case here, I’m sure this company are a very credible establishment and they meant well but were just unlucky, but the company website looks like this:

You do have to ask what kind of preparation went into something that all the big media lads were giving coverage to months ago (except us, because something didn’t quite sit right). Surely the very first thing you’d make sure of is that you had water that could flow down the friction-laden slide thing, no? Oh well.

Here’s a video from a company that does this kind of thing professionally for serious in cities across the world:

Looks fun, right?

Refunds are available by going on the website apparently. So good luck with that.

The world’s largest slip ‘n slide was meant to be coming to Dubai, instead, it was the world’s largest shit show. Shame. Stay strong kids, maybe Slide the City will come over and do it properly some day.