How to Use an Apple Product in the Way it was Initially Intended

Not everybody uses their iPhone, iPad or Mac for the simplistic purposes of which they were least intended. These devices are capable of an awful lot of creativity which remains undiscovered to perhaps 90% of device users. For those that don’t know, Apple initially found their niche in the creative industries of music production, media and art before becoming the mainstream runaways they are now.

There probably would’ve been a time when Steve Jobs would have recoiled at the idea that one of his products would solely be used for something like Whatsapp and a bit of Buzzfeed, but money talks to everyone I suppose.

Still, here’s an example of what you can do with Apple products if you really put your mind to work. Everybody has a creative aspect to their mind, and technology has made ingenuity and artistry accessible to us all.

Do something productive with what you have in front of you like this band, the Ukrainian Brunettes Shoot Blondes, who wanted something using modern technology, yet oozing creativity for the video of one of their nice little pieces of music. It’s pretty impressive.