Inside Dubai Guide – Barasti

Probably one of the first places you’ll hear about, not just when you come to Dubai, but probably when you are born anywhere in the world, is Barasti.

Back in the old days when it used it be a glorified hut with a stagnant pool and Martin Metcalfe banging out minimal tech like he’s in DC 10, you couldn’t help but wonder what all the fuss was about.

But now, it still has two of those things – yet they have filled the green pond with concrete, built a patio and a new bar, and gave the place a bit of a tidy up. It’s fulfilling its potential you’d probably say.

In fact it’s probably doing more than that, because legend suggests that in actual fact Barasti is the highest annual grossing bar in the world. That doesn’t mean the people in there are repugnant and are responsible for turning the stomach of the most people on a yearly basis, it means they make a lot of money.

Beach, Bar & Food

First up, it’s free to get on the beach. A rare privilege in the city indeed. And the beach is fun. You have music, beer, loads of geezers wearing vests for serious, and also lots of those ones who work on the upper bod but have chicken legs. It’s quite amusing.

Inside Dubai Guide – Barasti

The beach is pleasant, the food is actually on a high level too, and all in all as a daytime venue, you’d be hard pressed to find a better atmosphere where you can pretty much do what you want with your pals without feelings of slight anxiety at the repercussions.


At night – at weekends – it’s like the worst music festival you’ve been to. The music becomes like this Euro-trance abomination and loads of sweaty men in flip-flops dance around in circles to a sped up version of ‘The Macarena’. I think they are European.

It’s so busy, getting a drink is just so boring, you go to buy three then by the time you’ve finished one the other two are warm… They whole thing tends to be one of those situations where you convince yourself it’s a good idea at the time, but ultimately it’s just like ordering a Chinese in Dubai – you know it’s going to be shit.

However, during the week, when there’s some football on and it’s cooler, there’s no better place to be. Much less busy (unless Man Utd are on of course), and frankly during the winter when you’re watching it piss down with rain in England and imagining all your mates in that same pub they’ve been going to for years, freezing while you’re sat watching the same game in shorts amid palm trees and a sunset, you start to feel slightly grateful.

I like Barasti. Not at the night on weekends, when the nickname ‘Bar-Nasty’ suddenly makes a lot of sense, but for sure during the day and in the evening during the week. Great place.