Introducing The Melting Pot Dubai – Don’t Mind if I Fondue

Introducing The Melting Pot Dubai – Don’t Mind if I Fondue

Internationally acclaimed fondue brand, The Melting Pot, is set to launch their first restaurant in Dubai on 31st August.

Based in the scenester heaven that is Boxpark, the new addition to Dubai’s thriving food scene promises something quite different, yet also something strikingly familiar. Because although this is the first dedicated fondue restaurant to open up in the UAE, the concept of the brand is very much based upon the idea of sharing food with friends, an idea which is quintessentially Arabic.

This Is How We Fondue

The Florida-based chain has successfully expanded across the globe since its establishment in 1975, and now boasts 140 restaurants offering the ultimate interactive fondue experience. We’re talking cheese and chocolate fondues, and loads of delectable mains and salads. As very much an interactive experience, you can choose just how much cheese you choose to dip that fresh, seasonal vegetable into, and there’s nobody to tell you no.

A great option available is one of the four course menu options, which allows you to select a themed set menu of one of each of the four sections (cheese, entrée, salad and chocolate), expertly chosen specifically to complement each other as you move joyfully from one to another.

“The Melting Pot is the first restaurant in the region that is centred around the fondue experience, and Dubai is the perfect location to introduce this new concept,” said Mohamed Charafeddine, of managing partner Hospitality Concepts & Solutions.

Introducing The Melting Pot Dubai

Just to celebrate the deep fondue joy about to descend upon our fair city, we have compiled our favourite five cheese jokes.  Some of them I made up, and they are the ones that aren’t funny:

Cheese Jokes

A kid threw some Cheddar at me, I thought that’s not very mature.

Why didn’t the cheese want to get sliced? It had grater ideas.

What Cheese thinks it can DJ and has a really rich family that owns a chain of hotels? Paris Stilton.

What music does cheese listen to? R & Brie.

What did the cheese say when his girlfriend dumped him? I don’t give edam.


The Melting Pot


Al Wasl Road

Jumeirah 1

Telephone:  +971 434 310 20