It’s me or What’s App…. Yeah, I’ll take the What’s App thnx

A local couple in Dubai have filed for divorce because the husband downloaded What’s App.

A vaguely popular news outlet here has reported that apparently the loved up couple agreed 10 years ago that the husband must never, ever download What’s App, otherwise the love will be khalas.

Now of course the app was only launched to a lukewarm reception in 2009, so this couple were also able to predict the future, which surprisingly no media outlets have picked up on. Some might say that would make for a better story actually….

But, in a trend that has been seen in the US and the UK for at least five years, Dubai Courts have mentioned that perhaps around 50% of all divorce cases in the UAE have a social media-related theme to them. This really comes as no surprise.

It’s me or What’s App…. Yeah, I’ll take the What’s App thnx

A view from an outsider

InsideDubai’s sister blogger, LostItGirl, has a view on this, and seeing as we couldn’t put it any better ourselves, we just thought we’d show you the extract. It’s about why our fathers (a bit) and their fathers before them (a lot) were able to hold a marriage together while we are all just a bunch of emotional masochists intent on destructing any kind of relationship we possibly can. It goes like this:

Excerpt from – The Perfect Sunday

“My opinion on marriage is do not do it. I’m never going to, and here’s why:

Modern society is just not set up for marriage. We can all look back at our grandparents and (generally) see a marriage that was apparently everlasting, but instead of blowing up inboxes, Tinder and YouPorn, they had religion and World War 2, two things created to strike the fear of God into people, bring them closer together and make them realise the importance of loyalty and family. We have nothing of the sort.

Now we just have everything too easy. If you’re a man, think about this: So you want to tap up some new bird because you’ve just been told you’re an ugly selfish prick by your tearful bride as she washes your dishes with the twins suckling her breasts while attempting to balance your finances.

All you have to do is get yourself on Facebook, come up with a half decent line to some DFP (Desperate For Penis) bird and you’re probably gonna get that revenge sex for her not cooking dinner quite right. If your grandad wanted to do the same because his wife never bought him a Kit Kat with the last page of her ration book, he’d have to:

  • Walk around
  • Look for a girl
  • Go up to her in like a diner or something
  • Ask for her number, she wouldn’t know it so he’d have to get her name and phone the operator
  • Phone the operator
  • Be put through to her
  • Speak to her dad, boyfriend, husband first
  • Arrange a time and place to meet
  • Leave the house and wait there until she came along 30 minutes late with no What’s App updates
  • Write her letters and stuff to ask how her day was

It was just easier to stay married. Well now, that’s very far from the case, and the pressures of marriage guarantee that one side of the party will undoubtedly freak the fck out, and then divorce beckons. And divorce is embarrassing, painful and costly for the man.”

Read the full article here.