Ladies Night – CLAW Style

OK let’s try to get through this as best we can:

Established Southern US crabshack and rib place CLAW is bringing a new ladies night to the paper table-clothed table in Dubai. It’s called: ‘My cowboy is out of town’.

Held on a Wednesday just to be different, and starting on Wednesday 16th September 2015, CLAW could well emerge to be one of the most popular ladies nights going. The reason I say this is because it provides all the stuff that girls love:


Who doesn’t?

Ladies Night - CLaw Style

Free Daiquiris from 6pm until 10pm

Icey how this could go down quite nicely

Ladies Night - CLaw StyleDressing up like a cowgirl (free shots if you really make an effort)

Sometime it’s appropriate to dress as a cowgirl:

Ladies Night - CLaw Style

Sometimes it’s just not ok at all:

Ladies Night - CLaw Style

Listening to the Spice Girls, Cyndi Lauper and other stuff like that

Time after time I told Cyndi not to wear her hair like that, but she just said: “Look mate, girls just wanna have fun yeah?”

Ladies Night - CLaw StyleProbably not many boys (except maybe the odd one like this)

Ladies Night - CLAW StyleSo yeah girl power and all that. Why not ask resident DJ Johnny for your favourite hit from a person who is a girl? And then gather all your other girls and dance in a big group of girls.


Souk al Bahar,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971­ (0)­ 4432­ 2300



Instagram: @CLAWbbq

Opening Hours: 12.00pm – 2.00am daily