Looking Forward to Dubai Design Week

Looking Forward to Dubai Design Week

OK, so it’s not until October, but Dubai Design Week is happening, and it promises some, should we call them, seminal moments? I hate that word, but it seems fitting.

You see, as Dubai has begun to attract more than just beer boys, real estate and finance people, and the sickeningly rich yet tragically tasteless, fashion and clothing has actually begun to carve out a niche for itself.

It now stretches beyond pink shorts, vests, Tom Ford sunglasses and ill-fitting suits, these days individualistic, tailored and bespoke clothing for men, and Haute Couture for women now has an enormous presence in the city.

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So with that in mind, the Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) has announced that it is to launch the inaugural Dubai Design Week. To be held at d3 between the 26th and 31st October, it promises a week of insightful seminars, talks and workshops, international designers, catwalk shows, exhibitions, plus new ideas, concepts and trends all over the place.

More details as they come, but something for all you fashionistas to keep an eye on….