Men hurt other men because man puts clothes on washing line

Men hurt other men because man puts clothes on washing line

It’s not satire, it’s for real… 13 men from India and Pakistan today went on trial having given their housemate a damn good beating for using the washing line when they didn’t want him to.

It all happened back in September last year, in their shared villa in Deira. We don’t know how many people were sharing the villa in Deira, but as the mass brawl ended with 13 on four, we’re going to guess at least 17.

The story unfolds

It was a sunny September morning, and a housemate and his brother thought they’d get a bit of washing done. Once the laundry was washed (it may have been in a washing machine or by hand, we will literally never know), they thought it to be a good idea to hang up the sodden clothing so as to allow time for it to dry.

Two rival housemates did not think this was a good idea, and they threw the wet clothes to the floor. Then, quicker than you can say “dry cleaners”, the scenario developed into a mass brawl involving 17 participants, knives, metal bars and sticks…

Men hurt other men because man puts clothes on washing line

The main victim was a 21-year old Pakistani boy who got stabbed a couple of times during the melee. Recalling the ruckus to the prosecution, he said:  “They assaulted my cousin with bars, and then beat me up. They stabbed me twice in the thigh and stomach with kitchen knives and knocked me on the ground and I lost consciousness. I woke up later in a hospital room.”

The victim also mentioned that the men called each other names before the first iron bar was struck. But in an interesting twist, it was revealed that the fracas had a little more history than the unwanted smell of freshly laundered towels. Indeed the housemates had not really been getting on too well for quite sometime, but rather than moving out, or even settling it with the power of words, the 13 men now face an attempted murder charge and can look forward to the trial continuing in May.

If found guilty the men could each serve up to five years in jail, followed by a swift deportation back from whence they came…