New Man United Third Kit Out In Dubai Now!

New Man United Third Kit Out In Dubai Now!

The Adidas Store in Dubai Mall has apparently mistakenly released the Man United third kit before it’s even on sale in England, sparking hysteria among hundreds of United fans in the UAE. If you’re going down to the Mall tonight – expect traffic. Expect traffic anyway, regardless of football kits being released actually.

The home kit was unveiled amid much fanfare on Saturday, with Juan Mata, Ander Herrera, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ashley Young among those that were modelling it, not Di Maria, Van Persie or Falcao who have been ushered out the door, nor De Gea who really, really wants to leave, as exhibited by his display in the PSG friendly Stateside.

The return to Adidas represents the biggest kit sponsorship deal ever seen, and is worth $117 million per year, or Dh429 million as we may be more comfortable thinking about.

The Third Kit

The kit harks back to the 1994 black kit made by Umbro in the golden years of Giggsy, Sharpey, Incey, Hughesy, and Cantona, who quite frankly didn’t need a “y” after his name. It was the kit he wore when he took acceptance to the Crystal Palace fan who said some nasty words to him as he walked back to the dressing room having been sent off at Selhurst Park. Needless to say, after Cantona dealt with him, he thought twice about giving it all that to other humans in future.

New Man United Third Kit Out In Dubai Now!

The kit looks alright, and will probably get its first outing when United face Aston Villa in the first Friday night Premier League game ever on 14th August at Villa Park.

The last time United had a black third kit, they cleaned up. Will this year be the same? Nah, but at least they will look quite smart as they run after that big bag of air and try to kick it in the net so they can all cuddle each other for 30 seconds.

Not too sure if it’s still on sale or if they have taken it off display now, but it might be. It was still out an hour ago. Get down there and be the first in the world to have the black kit, even if you’re not a United fan, who cares? Buy it anyway.