No Fruit Were Mango-ing Mad Over Here in Dubai

No Fruit? We’re Mango-ing Mad Over Here in Dubai!

Who can resist the amazing fresh, succulence of the delightful mango on a hot summer’s day? Yeah well it looks like you’re going to have to, at least for the time being. The UAE has done the same as the majority of the European Union already do, and has decided to ban fruit imported in wooden crates for hygiene reasons. Only cardboard packaging will be accepted from now on, and this will mean delays.

The majority of mangoes come from Pakistan, and over there mango export is kind of a big deal. Last year for example, they shipped out over 90,000 tonnes of the things, most of which went to Europe and the UAE. Now they are to change all the crates from wood to cardboard, which is quite a job. It’s going to cause delays. How long? Who could say?

There are loads of varieties of mango, and at the moment you can still find some on your Carrefour shelves, but it doesn’t look like many more will be arriving any time soon. We will keep you posted, so until we have more news on this try to hold yourself together.

The mango export industry is a big business in Pakistan and India, and many suppliers had already forked out a lot of money for wooden crates in anticipation of increased demand this year.

No Fruit We’re Mango-ing Mad Over Here in Dubai-center

Inside Opinion:

Keep Calm and Wait for the King of fruits to arrive, and when they do, don’t forget to share with your pals..