Pass The RTA Theory Test In One Go-test

Pass The RTA Theory Test In One Go

You can do this, it’s only a 35 question Theory Test. Questions like: “What does it mean if you see a man wearing dark glasses and carrying a white stick?” surely can’t get the better of any of us? Well you’d be wrong. Either surprisingly or unsurprisingly, depending on the standard of character you have met along your way in Dubai, the emirate has an extremely high failure rate. Could we speculate as to why? No, let us not. Here’s some insight into the RTA Driving Theory Test:

Design & Structure:

The design of the RTA Theory Test is based on international standards, and like practically everything over here, it follows the model first created in the USA and the UK. The Theory Test examines your knowledge of the RTA Driving Manual and tests to see if you have the necessary road awareness required to drive safely. Or that’s the official line. The truth is, road awareness can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t.

What you really learn from revising for, and then taking the Theory Test is how to memorise answers from the manual. Like any remedial level school exam.

Reading is a must:

The test cannot be passed unless you have read and understood the RTA driving manual(book) thoroughly. I highly recommend everyone to read the RTA Theory book as all the questions will come directly from it.

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5 Simple Steps:

Pass The RTA Theory Test In One Go

1. Register:

You will have to register for your driving licence first at any driving school.

2. Booking the test:

Once you are registered, you can book the RTA Theory Test. Your learners permit and registration number will be required to book the Theory Test. The booking agent will offer you the earliest appointment date and time for the vehicle category and language.

3. Theory Practice class:

I highly recommend all to take the theory class. It will covers off  preparation for the test really quite well.  I have seen some over-confident sad-act guys ignoring the importance of attending the theory class and then regretting it after failing. So just make like you’re going back to school and go to class, yeah?

4. Arriving at the test centre:

Make sure that you arrive at the test centre at least 30 minutes before the appointed time. At the reception desk show your  Learning Permit, Photo ID and payment receipt. You will get personal lockers where you must put all your personal belongings. In the test room make sure that you sit in the testing station that assign to you, the tension at this stage is palpable. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

Make sure: Please make sure that you do not take your mobile phone into the testing area.

5. The Test:

Your private work station comprises of a touch screen and headphones with four languages available; English, Arabic, Urdu and Pushto. Before you take the real test you will be given a brief tutorial for about 10 minutes which tells you how to take the test. If you need help with how to take the test, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to take the test. Or pass the test. Or drive a car. The theory test is multiple choice with a question and just three answer choices. So just to clarify, if you don’t know the answer, you still have a one in three chance of nailing the right one. I’m not a gambler (because gambling is wrong, right?), but I do like those odds. You have to answer 35 questions in 30 minutes.

In order to pass the theory test you must Score 13 out of 18 specific questions and 12 out of 17 common questions.

After the test you will get the results straight away. Isn’t that great? Find out if you’re a winner or an embarrassment immediately.


You should read the RTA Book, take the theory preparation class and do lots of practicing online at RTA Dummy RTA Theory test and on the RTA mobile app. I prefer the RTA Mobile app, it help me alot and I got 7-8 of the same questions in my actual theory test which I practiced on the mobile app dummy test.

I passed, by the way. Cheers mates.