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PC Game: Hatred coming in June

Hatred is an upcoming shooter video game developed by Destructive Creations which is scheduled for release on 1st June, 2015 on PC.

The player-character is probably not the kind of guy you’d want to hang around with. He’s described as a misanthropic mass-killing sociopath who decides he should begin a genocide crusade (are you serious?). Critics have slammed the developers for creating the sickest storyline ever (I must agree). The main character wants to kill as many human beings as possible as he believes there is no life worth saving. He seems particularly keen on killing police officers.Are you fuc**** kidding me?

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Hatred is thought to be most violent game in PC gaming history, Exaggerating? Well you should see the trailer to judge. We couldn’t put the video on our website as we really want to be seen as a family-friendly page. The only other game to receive an AO rating for violence is ‘Manhunt 2’.

If you’re dying to get your hands on to this crazy, deeply violent, dark, killer game, I’d suggest not playing it around people who are eating, and not playing it before you go to bed.

Content Rating: Adult Only

Official Trailer: