Peer Review launches to show the way in the world of data

In this mad, crazy world, most of the stuff we do, find, like, enjoy, buy and even feel is collated into some form of data. While I really don’t have the time to go into that on a grand scale, just believe me, it is.

But data isn’t just used to find out what type of coffee you buy from Carrefour or to monitor your card expenditure in Barasti, it’s actually now geared towards fundamentally helping governments, organisations and service providers improve the way they do things.

It’s been happening for a while now in the US and Europe, and now the phenomenon known as BIG DATA (not BIG BROTHER) is beginning to gain traction in the Middle East. I looked up Big Data on the internet, and this is what it says:

“Online searches, store purchases, Facebook posts, Tweets or Foursquare check-ins, cell phone usage, etc. is creating a flood of data that, when organised, categorised and analysed, reveals trends and habits about ourselves and society at large.”

Knowledge is Power

Here at Inside Dubai, we’ve always believed that knowledge is the key to enlightenment, but harnessing that knowledge to make the best use of it is another matter altogether – enter Peer Review.

Peer Review

Peer Review is an organisation dedicated to giving regional government entities and organisations the tools to be able to utilise Big Data and some of the other areas of advanced IT to improve their products, solutions and services for the good of us all. The domino effect will obviously be that they will also see their own profitability increase due to the fact that they have all the tools available to provide exactly what people want, when they want it, and how they want it. Everyone’s a winner.

The Future

The company has scheduled a number of conferences and workshops to make sure that the Middle East isn’t left behind in the data revolution, and these conferences and workshops will be hosted by some of the key global IT figures to help explain and lead the way into the future for Dubai and the rest.

Dubai hopes to become the world’s first Smart City, and in order to do that, it is going to need to implement the techniques and tools related to collation of Big Data.

These conferences and training workshops will be the place where industry leaders are able to experience an unparalleled opportunity for the exchange of ideas, networking, face-to-face meetings with genuine investors and talent, and the chance to learn from the very best.

Here’s a listing of the forthcoming events Peer Review are set to host. If you own a business and you realise it’s 2016 in just a couple of months, it might be an idea to invest and capitalise on the Big Data revolution:

Training Workshops:

24th – 25th January 2016 – Big Data & Data Science Masterclass – Abu Dhabi, UAE

21st – 22nd February 2016 – Open Data & Government Technology Masterclass – Abu Dhabi, UAE

10th – 12th April 2016 – Predictive & Marketing Analytics – Dubai, UAE


28th February – 1st March 2016 – Kingdom Big Data & Analytics Summit – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

20th – 22nd March 2016 – UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit – Abu Dhabi, UAE

TBA 2016 – E-Learning & Education Technology Summit – Dubai, UAE

15th – 17th May 2016 – Qatar Big Data & Analytics Summit – Doha, Qatar

21st – 22nd August 2016 – GCC Data Center Summit – TBA, UAE

Visit the website for more details on attending any of these events: