Piknic Elektronic continues  

Miss Melera & Jan Blomqvist (live) are set to headline the second Piknic Elektronic event of the year on Saturday 6th February 2016, from 1pm until 9pm.

Over 2,000 attendees went to Piknic Dubai’s opening event on 23rd January, held on the green at the Address Montgomerie. And the next one promises to be even bigger.

The internationally renowned Piknic Electronik brand of family-friendly daytime electronic music festivals has been an iconic Sunday event for a decade in Montreal and has also been hugely successful in Barcelona, Melbourne, Paris, Cannes, The festival hit Dubai in 2015 to great acclaim.

Cashless Piknic

Piknic is also now able to cater for a completely cashless day/night out. This of course doesn’t mean it’s free, it just means you can pay by card to top up your electronic wristband with cash money if you want a hot dog or a beer or some other beverage just like beer, but not beer.

What this means is that you don’t need to queue to get basic refreshments, or at least the queuing time will be cut down if the attendees have a basic level of intelligence that allows them to comprehend paying for stuff with a wristband. It’s the future, and it’s scary. We shall see how that pans out. Have faith in the people brothers, they can do this.

It also means you’re able to keep track of what you’re spending, as your bank will kindly remind you via text exactly what you just laid out. It also means that come morning time, you get the chance to go back through what is often a very devastating one-way text conversation. Smart.

The Artists

Miss Melera

Piknic Elektronic Continues

Miss Melera is from Holland and often gets compared to people like Sasha, so you can expect something proggy, deep, and indomitably tech house. She’s pretty cool actually.

Jan Blomqvist LIVE

Piknic Elektronic Continues

Jan Blomqvist is from Berlin and is widely regarded to be the inventor of concert techno. What is this? Well it’s quite simply a man standing on a stage playing his techno songs live with other men. Whether anyone can rightfully claim to be the inventor of performing their music live, regardless of genre, is a debate for another day/website, but still, what he does is quite nice. Make sure you wear clubbing clothes.

The event also features Jixo & Danz and Bachir Salloum who are local acts.

Other stuff

You might be interested in the following extra details:

  • Activities available include bouncy castles, face-painting, glitter, arts & crafts, and games.
  • The Piknic market will be filled with local vendors selling art, handcraft materials, clothes, shoes and decorative pieces.
  • Piknic Happy Hour is between 1-3pm with one complimentary beverage.
  • All children under the age of 12 years and their nannies are free of charge.
  • Early tickets are Dhs130, kind of early ones are Dhs150 and really late ones are Dhs170. Family tickets are Dhs200.

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See you around, yeah?