Punjabi By Nature introduces a new menu

Punjabi By Nature introduces a new menu

Punjabi by Nature, a Punjabi restaurant located in Oud Metha, has introduced a brand new menu for the forthcoming season. The Punjab region spans North West India and a part of Eastern Pakistan, and the food the Punjabis tend to cook and eat, is something everyone can get on board with.

It’s rustic, homely, sometimes spicy, but always delicious and Punjabi By Nature is one of those restaurants that you know is good because all the nationals eat in there. Sure fire sign right there.

Spice up your life

If spice is your thing, and for most people it really is, the new menu looks certain to bring deep joy. Chef Vineet Kumar has included new rich curries and spicy tikkas, as well as a range of delicious new additions, including scrumptious button mushrooms with special in-house Red Masala called Tandoori Khumb, and Amritsari Kukkad, which is char-grilled to perfection with traditional Amritsari Masala.

Punjabi By Nature introduces new menu
This is a picture of some food

Commenting on the new menu, founder Sharan Kakwani said: “Our refreshed menu brings the traditional Punjabi tadka from the heart of Punjab to Dubai. Punjabi By Nature’s food is a journey from Amritsar To Lahore before the partition of India. We aim to serve food that takes one down memory lane to one’s own home-town, and reminds one of the good food enjoyed at home. Often with expat living comes a lack of choice to create authentic foods, and our fast-paced living sometimes does not allow us enough time or energy to cook healthy, nutritious food. That’s where PBN comes in. At our restaurant, you come home to your mother’s kitchen.”

Punjabi By Nature already has a reputation for serving the finest fresh, homely and spicy authentic Indian cuisine in Dubai. The new menu looks set to reaffirm that reputation.

The restaurant is based in Oud Metha, and caters predominantly for Indian and Pakistani expats, however if you’re into spicy food, it’s well worth a visit. They also do delivery too, which is handy for those of you that don’t enjoy leaving the house.

Check out the website here: www.punjabibynature.ae