Real Estate sales in the UAE just changed forever

Real Estate sales in the UAE just changed forever

Inside Media brings new BLOK app to the UAE market, set to revolutionise off plan sales for property developers.

In the UAE the biggest market for property developers is in off-plan sales. For investors, this also represents the best chance for decent returns, while simultaneously being quite high risk.


There’s always one stumbling block for many investors, and it’s a common objection which is pretty hard to overcome, regardless of how good a salesman you consider yourself.

“How can I invest in something I can’t even see?”

It’s a true story. Most would always feel more comfortable investing in something tangible, and with off plan in the UAE historically not necessarily being the most certain of investments, being left in no doubt as to the layout and feel of the apartment, as well as the views and location can make the difference.

Inside Media, the father figure of Inside Dubai, is now introducing the new BLOK app to the UAE’s property market. It’s a pretty impressive, check out the video below to see what technlogy in 2016 is able to do.

Commenting on the introduction of the app, Dhanushka Arjuna, Director of Business Development for Inside Media, said: “The bottom line is that this app affords the developer the opportunity to really show people and allow them to experience their vision of what is yet to be built. It makes international sales that much easier and gives their sales people, if they have any or even feel like they need them, a much more effective and interactive sales tool than they’ve ever had access to before. We are very excited to be able to introduce this to the huge property market in Dubai.”

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