Shorter and Sweeter? – Better and Cheaper

Yes, the name sounds familiar, right? That’s because it was just back in February when the Short and Sweet festival ran (a series of seventy 10-minute plays of varying styles, by local actors, directors and writers, performed each weekend throughout the month).

This new offering is the same show, but honed and chiselled down to the 10 best plays. The original program of dozens of short plays each weekend, for four weeks, has been distilled to now include the top shows from the series. So, for those who loved the original festival, this new show will be a welcome treat.

More Hits Than Misses

But also, for those who complain that the regular festival is a series of hit and miss nights (and there can be some real “miss” nights…), each requiring yet another ticket to be purchased, this new show should appeal to them too.

One ticket, reasonably priced (75-150dhs), for only the best that the festival has to offer.

Thursday 8thFriday 9th May, 8pm.

Family friendly matinée: Friday 8th May, 3pm.

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