Show me the money-Salaries in the UAE set to rise

Show me the money – Salaries in the UAE set to rise

Nobody can argue that, in most cases, salaries in the UAE certainly come in way over what most of us could expect for performing the same role in our own country. But hang on a second, when was the last time you had a pay rise?

For most of us, the memory doesn’t stretch back that far, however, the dog days are over, or at least they soon will be. That’s according to well-respected recruitment agency Robert Half, who carried out a survey involving a number of leading business’ HR Directors.

The results signify that your bosses may be ready for you to knock on their office door. Robert Half is banding about figures like a 6% increase in wages in the next 12 months, which would be more than welcome as the cost of living continues to rise.

Show me the money – Salaries in the UAE set to rise-count

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Receiving a pay rise is perhaps one of the clearest indications that you are doing a good job and that your company actually values you, so why are so many businesses so reluctant to express this sentiment?

Nobody can say for sure, however now as more people come to the region in search of work, the skilled guys or those who are already good at their jobs are placed in a stronger position.

You see, while you may think that increased numbers in direct competition would actually give companies the upper hand, it is actually the opposite that is true. Once they have sampled the usual plethora of no-marks and witnessed their incapability, they are far more keen to keep hold of genuine talent, and if that’s you, then welcome to the world of negotiation. Stay a while, it’s nice here…

In fact, many companies are actually struggling to find decent people to fill the numerous roles they have, so if you’ve gone for an interview and they give you the nod, you can probably afford to ask for an extra bit of monthly cash. Just say it’s for the increased metro prices or the extra dirham they’ve put on Marlboro Lights, your new prospective employer could hardly say no to that could they?