Street Con-The urban art fest is back in Dubai

Street Con – The urban art fest is back in Dubai

Street Con (Street Art Connection) is an Urban Art Festival organised by Al Ghurair Centre, Deira, that runs from the 23rd of April to the 2nd of May 2015. It is one of Al Ghurair Centre’s signature events that occurs annually to celebrate art, music and culture in Dubai. 

The Deira shopping mall aims to energise public spaces in order to make art accessible to the community. As for the artists, it will allow both local and international creators to showcase their talents, and potentially inspire the Dubai artists of the future. This event aspires to transform Al Ghurair Centre into an established and respected art installation in Dubai, for public art that rejuvenates the tired looking streetscapes around the mall, for both tourists and locals to enjoy. 

“Street Con is the perfect opportunity to see more than 20 local and international artists getting involved in varied art activities to promote Urban Art in a public domain.”

Al Ghurair Centre’s official website. 

Events Held @ Street Con

Street Con – The urban art fest is back in Dubai_ArtsA huge variety of installations and artists are scheduled to appear at the event, with rumours persisting that legendary Dubai-based visionary Clare Napper is set to unveil the latest installment in her High-Life Dubai series, predicted by some to be a tribute to Deira itself, although Napper herself remains tight-lipped. 

Also making an appearance will be some of the 3D floor art people in Dubai are so enthusiastic about, the Architects of Air, some Box Art, the Neon Room and a chance to jazz up your jeans. Mine are jazzy enough. 

Check out the full line-up here

Where to go

The event is held in and around Al Ghurair Centre which is very close to Union Metro station, so if you are a metro rider it will be relatively straightforward for you, it won’t cost you much, and you won’t have the hassle of finding a parking space in Deira! 

But if you are crazy enough to drive or far from the location then you can follow below map to pinpoint the destination. 

Inside Note : 

insideDubai will be covering and reviewing the event, so come back next week to to see what we made of it.

As we like to say “in the city it’s alright”. And it really is.