Street Night (Dubai), It’s the Only Night I Know

Street Night (Dubai), It’s the Only Night I Know

Don’t let the recent art-high of hip events all crammed into Dubai in March fool you; stuff like that doesn’t happen often enough around here. So it is a delight to see the gang at Street Night running for a whole week and a half (April 30-May 9, 5-10pm) up at JBR’s The Walk (just near the cinema, from what I can gleam, reading over their Facebook page).Street Night (Dubai), It’s the Only Night I Know_art

No Info?

With almost all event groups in Dubai, the schedule of performances is either vague or missing (or so hard to find, it may as well be missing).

This event is no different, which is a shame, as posts from the last few days show they featured some performers I would make the effort to see… if I had known when they were on.

Still, this is a great event to support, and if the previous Street Night is anything to go by, there will be good food trucked up for the event, and plenty to see and hear.

Facebook Event Page: