Stressed? Try a bit of Eastern Renewal at SensAsia

Stressed? Try a bit of Eastern Renewal at SensAsia

Dubai life can be stressful, but rather than list the number of ways in which this can be the case (which is usually so much fun for us to do), let us instead offer a new solution.

We’re talking about a momentary escape, a chance to let it all just fade away, and the opportunity to come back feeling fresh, invigorated and ready to take on the world, or at least the Sheikh Zayed Road rush hour insanity.

SensAsia Urban Spa is the largest independent spa chain in the entire UAE, and they’ve been relaxing, massaging, pampering and generally spoiling us all for 11 years now. To mark the occasion, they are introducing a new treatment that is said to be an “education in relaxation”. Those of us working in the high-pressure environments that we all so clearly are (life’s so hard), probably know at least one or two colleagues that could use an education in relaxation. Well here it is.

The Urban Spa is retracing its Oriental roots as it introduces its “Eastern Renewal” treatment, set to launch in September. For those that have never been to the Far East, they do many things well, but perhaps they are the finest exponents of relaxation techniques you’ll find anywhere. In fact, that could be why they do so many other things pretty well, because they are just so not uptight about any of it.

Stressed? Try a bit of Eastern Renewal at SensAsia

The Eastern Renewal Journey

Your 120-minute journey towards ultimate requiescence begins with the Super Clean Scrub. This is a head-to-toe treatment, which is both intense and invigorating. The scrub encourages cell regeneration, and your skin feels instantly transformed, and kind of alive, or reborn? If that makes sense?

After you’ve had your scrub down, next up is the massage segment. This is 90 minutes of what you could only call transportation to a better place. For those ninety minutes, you’re somewhere else, somewhere nicer, with flowers and trees and birds singing and maybe a waterfall, but a gentle one, not Niagara Falls, that’s too aggressive. It’s indulgence, its escapism, it’s EVERYTHING.

The massage oil contains fennel, juniper, clove and rosewood…. and oil. It smells good. They also chuck on a heated pack, which is called the “Back Pack”, but it doesn’t contain your lunch and your work papers, it contains heat, and it relieves those knotted, painful areas that can emanate from carrying all your new clothes and shoes through the mall to the car park. It’s great.

Eastern Renewal launches on 1st September, and costs 710AED, which for two hours, is to me quite the bargain. To exemplify this, I’ve worked out a few other two-hour cost breakdowns for you to really bring the point home, ready?

2 hours on Dubai Metro – 5AED

Yes, for two hours you can tour Dubai. You can go all the way to the airport and then up to past Ibn Battuta Mall, and as long as you don’t go through the gates anywhere else and get off at the same stop you got on at, you’re golden. There’s no massage available last time I asked, and it’s actually really stressful.

2 hours on some yacht – 1200AED

You could hire a yacht with a man that takes you out to the sea. You can then watch amazing specimens driving around on jet skis for two hours. It is actually quite fascinating. But it’s still stressful. Then you can come back into port.

2 hours at the top of the Burj Khalifa – 500AED

For a whole two hours you could go to the top of a really tall building and look at loads of sand and some buildings and some building sites, but only if visibility is OK. Timing is everything. Also if you don’t like heights/people with selfie sticks/turbulence when you’re not in a plane, it could be quite stressful.

My choice would be a two-hour Eastern Renewal at SensAsia Urban Spa. But what do I know? Well I know loads actually…

In case you were unsure, SensAsia has four locations across Dubai, they are:

The Village:

1st Level The Village Mall

Jumeirah Beach Road

Tel: +971 4 349 8850  

Palm Jumeirah:

Al Nafura Beach Club 1

The Palm

Tel: +971 4 422 7115  

Emirates Golf Club:

Main Club House

Sheikh Zayed Road

Tel: +971 4 417 9820  


Souk Al Manzil

Downtown Dubai

Tel: +971 4 456 0866

The Website: