Take That In Dubai, Lock Up Your Daughters (Wives)

Take That In Dubai, Lock Up Your Daughters (Wives)

OMG and other txt spk wasn’t really around BITD (back in the day), when teens would be crying because Robbie left or Mark’s nipple ring fell out. But now social media is full of this kind of vowel-less chatter among the women of the UAE, as Take That have announced they are coming to Dubai!

Yeah OK so there may only be three of them now, and they are all like 50 or whatever, but they are still the band that influenced 1D (probably), and in a city starved of fresh international talent, we will take what we can get.

Who Needs Robbie Anyway?

Gary, Mark and the other one are bringing their ‘Take That Live 2015’ tour to the Amphitheatre in Media City on 30th October 2015, the first time they have ventured to the deserts for a show.

Gary came in October last year for a solo performance, which was well received by women of a certain age, and me (I stayed for “A Million Love Songs” and “Back For Good”), but this gig promises all the splendour and stage bravado that we witnessed when they did their reunion tour however long ago that was.

There are those that thought it might be time to give it up (for the second time) once Robbie went back to doing his solo stuff and Jason felt he was a bit old to be in a boy band, but these three can still pull it off on their own.

And anyone who has witnessed Robbie on tour recently, and his butchery of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in a manner only a modicum more bearable than Kanye West at Glastonbury, probably won’t think it’s too much of a loss for the lads (men) from Manchester.

If you want tickets, you can go to www.doneevents.com in order to pre-register.