The Best Restaurants in Dubai Reviewed: Ravi’s

One of the first things everyone bangs on about when you get to Dubai is Ravi’s. The authentic Pakistani restaurant sits in the middle of Satwa, and has garnered quite a global reputation for itself.

It’s well-known to be Craig David’s favourite restaurant in Dubai, and other semi-famous celebs like Amir Khan and people from English reality TV shows have all been seen in there. But don’t let that put you off.

The Setting

I’ve never been to Pakistan, but it’s how I would imagine eating there to be. Busy, hectic, confusing and loud with plastic chairs and plastic wipe-clean tablecloths. It all adds to the whole experience.

Most choose to sit outside, and if you don’t mind cats, and eating next to queuing traffic (they love those horns), then go for it. I sat inside once, and if it’s the temperature that puts you off sitting externally, it ain’t much cooler in.

The Staff

They don’t speak English, and that is the best thing about them. Why should they? They get the orders right, they bring the food over, they take it away after you’ve finished eating it. What else can you ask for?

The Food

Ravi - The Best Restaurants in Dubai Reviewed-shawarma

If Pakistani cuisine is your thing, it’s the only place you should be going. The Chicken Jalfrezi is delicious, succulent and spicy, although it comes out with a boiled egg on it, which I never saw before. But I ate it anyway.

Also of note is the Lamb Green Masala, the Chicken Korma and the Paneer Butter (if you’re a vegetarian). But every dish has one thing in common, it tastes clean, fresh and wholesome.

There is something on the Menu called Brain Fry. I didn’t go for that.

The Price

It’s jokes. 25AED per head gets you stuffed and happy.

The Experience

It is definitely something you have to do while you’re in Dubai. Beware though of the copyists just down the road. When we first tried to find Ravi’s a few weeks after getting here, we ended up at the other one, and nobody was there (always a sure-fire sign of its quality), we walked in with a couple of women and it was like nobody in there had ever seen one before. And they weren’t even that good looking (sorry if you’re reading this). The food wasn’t particularly good either. At the REAL Ravi’s you have no such problems. It’s more of must-do than going to the top of that really tall building Abu Dhabi paid for.

Inside Rating:

8 out of 10

Website: Only have a Facebook Page, which you can find here

Location: Shop 245, Al Dhiyafa Rd, Satwa, Near Satwa Roundabout, Opposite Emirates Co-operative Society

Phone: + 971 4 331 5353

Ravi’s Restaurant
Authentic Pakistani Cuisine, Popular with everyone, from locals, taxi drivers and western expats, to Bollywood stars and Z-listers from Britain.
Written by: Dan Charter
Great food, great vibes.
8 / 10 stars