The Best Stuff to do in Dubai this Weekend

OK we get it, there are brunches every weekend, there are clubs with generic,probably bored DJ’s going through the motions playing to a load of ‘table merchants’ and there are loads of bars you can go to and get absolutely pissed out your face if that’s your thing. But, we all know about all of these simply stunning experiences already right? If you don’t, then TimeOut is that way pal.

Maybe you have grown a touch tired of the monotony of brunches, or pretending that you are an exclusive human being sat at an inexpensive table drinking watered down vodka with loads of sparklers hanging off it, while a group of mediocre girls leech of you with no chance of you ever getting anything in return? Maybe you want something different from your weekends now?

It usually takes about a year before the club/brunch/pissartist novelty wears off, but don’t worry, because the clubs and brunches will be just fine, new arrivals jump into the cycle every day,ready to get their unsuspecting salaries hoovered up and leaving you free to have actual experiences while you’re here. Perhaps a touch of culture even?

Here’s our best four suggestions for something alternative you could try this weekend:

Movie to Watch :

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out tomorrow (30th April) and will give any fans of Marvel a great deal of pleasure. Robert Downey Jnr enters the fray as Iron Man to bring a touch of class to proceedings and the script is slick, smooth, and even humorous in places. Above all though, what you’re guaranteed to get is action, and Age of Ultron brings that by the bucketload.

Event to Visit :

StreetCon – Urban Art JamStreet Con – The urban art fest is back in DubaiWe went last week, and we recommend you go this week. Things wrap up at StreetCon for another year on Sunday, but the inspiring creativity on show reassures InsideDubai that there really is something happening here.

Street Art is basically everything in the art world right now. the popularity of Banksy effectively seals that deal, there is word that may even have anonymously touched down in Dubai this week, preparing to unveil some of his work in Deira.

RECOMMENDED READING: Street Con – The urban art fest is back in Dubai

Date: Thursday, 23rd April – Saturday, 2nd May 2015

Duration: 10 days

Category: Arts / Culture / Theatre

Venue: Al Ghurair Centre

Admission: Free Admission

Book to Read :

Steal Like an Artist – Austin KleonSteal Like an ArtistSteal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative is a book which helps you to come up with your own creative ideas. It is written by Austin Kleon, and although it was published in 2012, we just read it, and started up InsideDubai as a result. Maybe you could do something equally fantastic if you gave it a read?

Published: February 28, 2012

Author: Austin Kleon

Available here in Dubai : Bookworld /

Game to Play :

Jet Blading at JBR

Water is a powerful compound. It can carve deep canyons, power hydroelectric plants, or even give people ‘superhuman’ abilities. The latter feat is accomplished aboard Deep Blue Sea Diving’s fly board water-propulsion flying machines. Enjoy flying over water with a jet blading experience, whether you can do the tricks that some of the lads down Blue Marlin are capable of is unlikely, but there’s no harm in trying. You can get this experience for a knock-down price at the moment, then get yourself down JBR and hover over the sea like some kind of mad flying human.

Groupon Deal : Deep Blue Sea Diving