The big Cicret – tech scam or great plan?

Since French 25 year old Guillaume Pommier and his dad launched their Cicret video on YouTube in October of last year, much furore and debate has ensued. Now while for most of us looking to promote a product or service of our own, the type of madly passionate discussions across super-geek forums would be precisely what we were looking for from a viral video (which has thus far received 14 million views), when the majority of those commenting are questioning the legitimacy of the product and accusing investors of nothing more than profligacy, perhaps the campaign hasn’t gone as well as the French team would have hoped.

Yeah the video is unreal, quite literally. It’s not real. They must know a good French pal with CGI skills. This wouldn’t necessarily be enough to put people off, but there are a few other areas which damage the credibility of the invention, and those claiming to be behind it:

If it was possible, where are Apple, Samsung or Google?

As with anything reasonably creative within the tech world these days, one of the ‘big three’ would surely have swooped in by now, bought up the company and the ideas and continued developing it. Seems strange that nobody has announced any such interest in the wrist band.

What’s the website all about?

A cursory glance through the website tells this writer everything he needs to know. No company address (just a PO Box in a building) and no phone number, a gmail account address is all we get from these guys. Seems legit. Let me get my cheque book real quick.

Pigeon English on the video

It’s not even a golden rule of business, it’s basically primary school teaching for entrepreneurs. If you are using promotional material or a website with text to bring your product to a wider audience, please try to make sure that your spelling and language is correct. Especially if it’s English, and your audience mainly speaks English. The video (below), despite being impressive at first glance, displays an ineptitude which has irreparably damaged the credibility of the product and those behind it.

Something doesn’t quite seem right about Cicret (pronounced “secret”). But that said, if it ever somehow does come to market, this Cicret cynic will be first in the queue outside Sharaf DG.