The Cheapest Games DVD Shop in Dubai

The average age of a gamer is 31 years old, and rather surprisingly just 52% of these gamers are male. Girls love it too, who knew? Want some more stats? There are actually more gamers over the age of 36 than under the age of 18. So for those doom mongers who seem to think that society is broken and that future generations are likely to be unable to sustain a meaningful conversation, there’s some food for thought right there.


But it’s perhaps as a result of the sheer expense associated with the purchase of a console initially,  and then the games. In Dubai, games range from between 250 and 350AED, which for youngsters is very expensive. So if mummy and daddy say no, there’s not much the kid can really do to get hold of the latest releases.

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The answer for those who are priced out of the market comes in the shape of a shop in Bur Dubai called “Fantastic Games Electronics”. You can get all the latest games and the accessories from here, and when I went two weeks ago, I stocked up on loads of titles. The reason? Because even the most expensive game costs 200AED, and most hover around the 100AED mark.

Here’s the location:


Al Mina Bazar,

Bur Dubai,


United Arab Emirates

Don’t forget to share with me any other cheap games shops, let’s save together and play together…