The new Dubai craze – A snow room at home

Exploiting the super-wealthy in Dubai sure is a fun past time. It’s fun to write about as it’s really quite bizarre and amusing, it’s fun for the companies doing the exploiting as they get loads of money for providing something completely meaningless, and it’s fun for the super-rich as they couldn’t care about money and they get something new to entertain them for five minutes, before they realise how stupid it is and turn their attention to something even more futile.

There really aren’t any losers in this scenario.

Snow Sauna

Now, the latest Dubai craze for rich people is to take up the option of getting a room in their house converted into something called a snow sauna.

This room will be fully insulated, and kept permanently at a temperature of around -16°C (shhhh, did you hear that? That’s the sound of the UAE’s natural resources being flushed down the toilet).

Yes, that is right, unfreeze that wallet, and get out Dhs400,000 to get things started on your indoor freezer room where it snows 24 hours a day, then pay extras for seating, rock designs, even a Christmas Tree, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, just a tree.

The company providing these snow rooms is called Dubai Snow, and they have so far installed snow rooms in the Zabeel Saray and Le Meridian hotels in Dubai, plus a few private residences. Why? Well, because everyone who comes to Dubai secretly wants to go to Reykjavik but it’s too expensive. But also because a snow room can have extensive health benefits for the individual. Not for the environment, but for the individual.

Dubai Snow say you just have to look at Finnish people and Icelandic people who go from jumping in those really hot natural lakes into the snow to see how healthy and invigorating the whole snow sauna thing is. I’ve met many Fins and Icelandic people, and they are all verging on crazy.

Apparently if you go into the snow room and rub the snow all over you it is very invigorating (nahhh you’re alright, thanks), and you should go in there wearing what you’d wear to go into a sauna. So get your speedos on and go sit in the -16°C room for a bit, yeah?

Apparently you should also only sit in there for five minutes per day otherwise you could get a cold or hypothermia or whatever. Pay half a million Dirhams for something you can use five minutes each day. I dare you.

The Lion, The Rich & The Wardrobe

The new Dubai craze – A snow room at home

For the same price you can take 20 trips to the Swiss Alps per year for a long weekend for three years. That said, I’m getting one anyway, and I’m having it in my bedroom, and I’m moving my wardrobe in the way of the door, and I’m cutting a hole in the back of my wardrobe, and I’m putting loads of massive fur coats in my wardrobe, and every night I’m going to attempt to take a new girl into Narnia through my wardrobe. You got me.