The Top 5 Discount Deal Sites In Dubai – Save some Dirhams!

We all love a bargain don’t we? I expect at least a few of us can admit to being camped out in the Whoops! section of the big ASDA waiting for them to bring out the new batch of Whoops! items. Obviously wearing a hoodie and dark glasses in case anyone recognises you.

These days you can shop for bargains online, in whichever clothing you want and you still won’t be recognised. Discounted Deal websites are all the rage, particularly in Dubai where there are actually quite a few all in direct competition with each other. And they all do very good business indeed. This may come as a surprise to some who see Dubai as the playground for the rich, but it is actually the wealthy who are the biggest bargain hunters of them all.

Discount deal sites became a big deal in America in the early 2000’s, and by 2006 there were over 100 deal sites across the globe. The business model works by allowing retailers to market discounted services or products directly to the customers of the deal company, who receive a portion of the retailer’s profit.

This allows retailers to build brand loyalty and quickly sell surplus inventory, although there are some who resent customers looking for a better deal, which, when you consider where you are in the world (the Middle East, home of bartering), seems a touch odd.

Anyways, for those keen on the odd discount, here are the Top 5 Dubai Discounted Deals Websites in a nice little (FREE!) list for our loyal readership to save some bucks:

Groupon Dubai:

Groupon Deal Sites In Dubai-Dubai

Groupon is a deal-of-the-day website founded in 2008 that features discounted gifts and experiences. They have a big presence in Dubai and offer vast discounted options such as beauty, healthcare, leisure, restaurants, shopping, tickets and travel. Word on the street is that companies literally approach them to try to get featured on their website.

Earn 30 AED Immediately:

You can earn AED 30 in Groupon credit whenever you refer a friend to and they buy their first deal.

Membership Card:

You can also get a G-membership card of in order to get some good discount on hot deals.


Deal Sites In Dubai-Cobone

Cobone is one of the most beloved deal websites in UAE because it’s local and offers a good variety of deals with great things to do, eat and enjoy in Dubai with amazing discounts, but mainly because it’s local. The company was founded in 2010 by Paul Kenny, an Irish entrepreneur.

Payment Method Flexibility:

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a credit card, as you can pay as cash on delivery.

Domestic Holiday Destinations:

Cobone always come up with lots of domestic holiday destination packages for couples and family. A favourite is the often-featured cheap stay in one of the 5-star hotels in Ras al Khaimah to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your loved one, or really just to go there for whatever reason you want. It’s not a deal open exclusively just for people who are married.

Nail The Deal:

Deal Sites In Dubai-Nail The Deal

Nail The Deal offers discounts on fun activities in Dubai, and it has the best name. Daily deals consist of discounts at restaurants, spas, massage parlours (good ones), cinemas, hotels and other stuff.

Above Average Website But Lots of Deals:

For many, the Nail The Deal website doesn’t really nail the deal too often, but things can change very quickly in Dubai as we all know. Worth checking in with occasionally.


Deal Sites In Dubai-YallaBanana

Everyday YallaBanana post one awesome deal to encourage customers to discover something new and save a whole bunch of bucks (it’s Dirhams in Dubai -Ed). They give you a opportunity to enjoy amazing deals at ridiculously low prices, even more ridiculous than teh name.

Ridiculously Low Prices :

With AED 64 Desert Safari Packages and AED 95 only for a Dream Aqua Park Ticket, Yallabanana is definitely a site to keep as a bookmark. Yalla Habibi!


Deal Sites In Dubai-LivingSocial

Livingsocial is the best place to find and share unique things to do in your area. With dozens of deals offering memorable local experiences, travel packages and products. They have over 70 million members around the world, making Livingsocial a unique and trustable platform.

Easy to Navigate with Super Bunch of Deals:

A beautiful website like ours, easy to navigate with well structured categories and a great bunch of deals makes Livingsocial worthy of a visit or two.

Inside Opinion:

Bargain hunters have never had it so good. You can get into that restaurant which was previously out of the price range, or do other stuff you wouldn’t normally even think about. These sites are good for ideas and inspiration if you’re looking for something more interesting than going to a shopping mall.

Also, if you really want to piss off the restaurant owner when you take a discount voucher in, just order water with your bargain meals. They hate that. It’s funny.