Comedy show Tota Maina Ki Kahani coming to Dubai soon

Comedy show Tota Maina Ki Kahani coming to Dubai soon

Hold onto your sides because they may well split, as the hilarious comedy play, Tota Maina Ki Kahani, is coming to a theatre near you!

That’s if you live near the Mall of the Emirates. Or even if you don’t, it’s still pretty near compared to places that are further away. This new Indian comedy/drama is written by Sanjay D Jha and is a Naisargi Multimedia and I S L Gujarat production. And it is funny.

Comedy show Tota Maina Ki Kahani coming to Dubai soon

The subject matter is that most sacred of bonds – marriage. In many parts of the world marriage still means everything. Presumably these are the parts of the world where divorce isn’t yet rampant, unlike in the US (55% divorce rate), most of Europe (50% divorce rate) and Cuba (56% divorce rate).

Even in India, divorce rates have increased in some areas by up to 350% in the last five years, as people begin to ask questions of traditional values, and in particular women have higher aspirations than to simply ‘stay at home’. Throw a bit of social media activity into the mix and what does this lead to? Marriage conflict! Add a few in-laws and you’ve got yourself a comedy scenario right there.

The Premise

Gaurav and Kajal tied the knot three years ago, but the honeymoon period was short-lived, and they now find themselves arguing and disagreeing with each other all the time, while also not being able to live without each other.

To complicate things further, they have to put up with the well-meaning, but quite annoying neighbourhood Uncle JJ. Then of course the mother-in-law turns up, followed by the divorce lawyer father-in-law who absolutely loves to divorce people, and madness ensues.

With a  great cast, and great writing, Tota Maina Ki Kahani is certain to be a riot. The leads are Bollywood stars Himani Shivpuri and Manish Thakker, which is cool, but unless you speak Hindi, this probably isn’t for you. Just to clarify, the play is in Hindi.

Time & Venue

Performance days: 4th & 5th May 2016

Time: 8pm

Venue: DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates

Tickets: Platinumlist and Ductac