Watch Genius in Dubai Crashes Ferrari Into A Wall

Watch: Genius in Dubai Crashes Ferrari Into A Wall

If there’s one thing you can find without looking too hard in Dubai, it’s people with no talent and no common sense, but loads of money. These people are the most dangerous people in existence.

Here’s a perfect example, as this clown smashes up a decent looking Ferrari F12 because he can’t drive. Despite this, he still tries to race some other man in a different fast car while a third guy films it all. These guys are cool and would be interesting to hang around with.

There are some seriously poor drivers around here, and strangely enough, they all seem to be in charge of quite decent cars. Still, if they keep writing them off, they’ll keep buying more replacements, so the luxury European car brands are gonna be enjoying videos like this.

Enjoy this sad act doing what he does best, befouling things up, if you know what I mean…

NB: There is something which sounds a bit like bad language in this film. Just to give you a heads up.